Get More Customers with Just $1!

Get More Customers with Just $1!

Can You Get More Customers With Just $1?

You can!  

Want to learn how?

You just need to create a retargeting ad in Facebook, using a pixel.  

What's a Facebook pixel, you may be asking?

Facebook pixels are a tracking code provided by Facebook, that you copy onto every page of your web site.

It tracks visitors to your website.

You then can retarget to your web site visitors, using a retargeting ad.

Why would you do this?

Because it is another touch point, in the buyers journey. It helps to build the know, like and trust relationship.

People will not buy from you if they do not trust you.

So, I have recorded a short tutorial on setting up your facebook ad. You do need to already have a pixel in place and it has to have some data already gathered.

If you need help setting up your pixel, message me.


A couple of things when setting up your ad:

1. Make sure you use an attention grabbing image or video.
2. Make sure you set up a landing page and you are driving traffic to it. Capture their email addresses and track the buyers journey.
3. Use appropriate persuasive language and images.
4. Use correct image sizes.
5. Do not use a large budget. $1 or $5's per day, is enough for the first ad. Then using the data that you collect after the ad has run for a couple of months, you can make adjustments and run it with a bigger budget.
6. Your second ad, the more targeted ad using the collected data, should contain more persuasive content such as a blog post or a video. Tell your buyers how you can solve their problem.

That's it! Good luck!

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