MUST Have Resources for Running Your Business!

MUST Have Resources for Running Your Business!

The question I get asked all the time is, what programs or apps do you use for your social media business? That is a great question because without all of these resources, I could not do what I do. So, here is a list of the programs and apps that I use in my business. Most are free, but some are a low monthly cost.


A great, free way to invoice your clients and customers. You can also set up auto invoice for those with monthly retainers. Paypal also has a credit card that they will issue you so that you can use for your business (or personal) expenses offline.


Mailchimp is an amazing free email marketing system. I use it and most of my clients use it to email monthly newsletters, set up email automations, welcome emails, and they also have gorgeous templates for landing pages and newsletters.


I do all of my graphic design for social posts, newsletters, email headers, blog posts, freebies, using Canva’s free program. It does take some getting used to but there are plenty of youtube tutorials to teach you how to use it. I did upgrade to the business plan and I love it because it allows you to upload your branding colors and fonts and logos, as well as my clients.

Google Docs

I use google docs on a daily basis. I use it to share documents with my clients and also store information. For example, if I am building a web site for a client. I create the proposal in google docs and also any questionairre’s that they have completed, their branding materials, any images, copy, and anything else that we will be using for their web site. I share it with them so that we both have access and it is a great communication tool.


Buffer is a good, free tool for scheduling your social media posts. You can connect to so many social media accounts for free, and then they do charge a small fee but if you are just using it for yourself, it is a HUGE time saver and I highly recommend it.


I love Later. I have used a lot of scheduling programs for Instagram and this is the best, in my humble opinion. It allows you to upload all of your images, edit them, add filters and then schedule them. You can also schedule months in advance and then preview how they will look in your actual feed. I love that option. You also can upload your hashtags and save them so that you can just select a group of pre-saved hashtags when you are creating a post, rather than hand typing them in. Later is free up to so many posts but then the upgrade is a low cost.


Tailwind is a Pinterest management tool. It is also free up to a certain point and is a great time saver. You can automate your pinning and drastically improve your monthly views. I highly recommend Tailwind. It is probably worth it too, if you are a heavy Pinterest user, to upgrade to the monthly cost level.

So, there you have it! These are the tools that I use on a daily basis for my business and most of my clients use some of them, if not all, too!

Pinterest is a MUST for marketing your business!

Pinterest is a MUST for marketing your business!

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FREE 5 Day Instagram REBOOT!