How to Make Money With Blogging for Your Business

How to Make Money With Blogging for Your Business

Blogging for your business is FREE advertising. Not only is it putting you into a position of authority but you are building your content library. This is content that can be used on social media to grow your email list and your social media followers=clients and customers!

The question that I get asked the most about blogging is, can I really earn money blogging?

YES! Absolutely!

But you need to write good content that provides a solution to your ideal client’s problems. And how do you find out what these problems are? JUST ASK! Send an email to your list and ask for their feedback on what their biggest challenges are. Post a question on your facebook page.

Then use this data that you receive to create your blog posts.

Here’s how:

Know Your Ideal Client

If you don’t already know who your ideal client is, then you need to drill down and find out. Who will you be writing for? Who is your audience? Are they male/female? How old are they? Where do they live? What do they do in their spare time? We have developed a worksheet that you can grab here to help you identify your ideal client.

What Problems Will You Solve

Once you know who your client or customer is, then you need to identify what problems they have and what solutions you can provide. For example, if your client is a yoga instructor. Some blog post ideas may be:

How to Use Social Media to Get New Clients

How to Get Your Yoga Studio Listed in Google Business

How to Use Facebook Advertising to Get New Clients

How to Use LinkedIn to Get New Clients for Your Yoga Studio

Call To Action

Make sure that each blog post includes a call to action. It can be click here to grab your freebie, or book a consultation, or read about similar posts here. Whatever it is, be clear on what you want them to do next.

Post on Social Media

Once you have created your blog post, you are not done! Now you need to promote your blog post on your social media channels; Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and Pinterest. Be sure to create a new post image for each channel. We like Canva for creating images for your social media channels.

FREE List of Blog Post Ideas

If you still cannot come up with any ideas for your blog posts or need some inspiration, here is a FREE List.

FREE Instagram Posting Guide for March!

FREE Instagram Posting Guide for March!

Take the Guesswork out of Facebook Advertising!

Take the Guesswork out of Facebook Advertising!