Is Advertising on Your Social Media Strategy and Marketing Plan for 2019?  It Should Be!

Is Advertising on Your Social Media Strategy and Marketing Plan for 2019? It Should Be!

We are just 2 weeks away from the end of 2018. As we reflect on our business and successes and failures of 2018, we must also look ahead to 2019. One thing that you can count on, is that facebook and instagram advertising is a must for your business!

Facebook Pixels

Pixels are a great way to capture data about your website traffic for retargeting purposes. Not only do they gather some great data, but they also allow you to be laser focused in your ads targeting strategy. 2019 is the year for really honing your skills in lookalike audiences. They are much more focused and detailed on who your target audience is, then facebook’s target options.

Content Marketing

If you have not been creating content for your business, now is the time. Add content marketing to your marketing plan for the new year. Blog posts, newsletters, emails, facebook lives, videos, posts, all of these are great content for your target audience. Running an ad to your most engaging piece of content, allows more people to see your work and builds trust in your followers. You do not have to spend a fortune on these ads, $1-$5 a day are sufficient.

Facebook Advertising Costs WIll Increase

This is a fact. We have seen costs rising over the past year and they will continue. If you have not yet started experimenting with ad locations such as marketplace, messenger, feed, etc. then you should start NOW.

Instagram Ads

We have noticed over the past year when running ads for our clients, that IG ads are out performing Facebook ads in terms of conversions and costs. This opens up a brand new set of challenges for business owners that have been shying away from IG because they thought that the demographic was not their business. And they were right, but that is changing. No longer is IG suitable for audiences under 35 but all businesses are now setting up their IG account and sharing photos. If you are not using IG for your business, you are missing out.

IG ads can easily be added to your FB ad order, by simply checking the IG box. But you may want to test creating a brand new ad with specific photo measurements for IG that are more suitable. 800 X 800 pixel size seems to work better for IG than the usual 1200 X 628 that you are used to using for FB.

Either way, whatever your marketing strategy for 2019 is, OMG wishes you the best of luck and much prosperity and if you do find that you could use a hand in your advertising strategy, we have packages to suit your needs.

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